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Clandestine Cassette Series # Four

Clandestine Cassette Series # Four

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Part four of the Clandestine Cassette series comes at you with whopping 90-minutes of music to further excel the gaul-laden flamboyance of second annual Spy Music fest. Two weeks of shows; fantasy driven collaborations; signature beers; limited edition lavender 7-inches – a 90-minute cassette is but another cog in the Northern Spy machine, one that should not be overshadowed by the vibrant big picture. 5,429 seconds (the actual runtime is 90-minutes and 29-seconds) of virgin sounds created by eight artists appearing at the festival leaves you wondering: could I ask for anything more? The answer to that comes in the form of another question: would you expect anything less?

Featured Artists:
Rhys Chatham, Gold Sparkle Band, Arthur Doyle & His New Quiet Screamers, K-Salvatore, Rhyton, Diamond Terrifier, Tom Carter/Pat Murano, PC Worship, Starring, Colin L Orchestra (with Guardian Alien), Chris Forsyth, Steve Gunn, Bird Names

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