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Clandestine Cassette Series # Two

Clandestine Cassette Series # Two

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In the time between the cassette’s heyday as a miracle that made music portable and its demise and subsequent resurgence, a number of sound artists have taken to it as a new means of production. Much like the way hip-hop DJs turned the vinyl record from a storage tool to a production tool, the artists on Northern Spy’s second Clandestine Cassette use magnetic tape as a pliable medium for storing and altering sound.Author, journalist and WFMU personality Kurt Gottschalk invited four sound artists making beautiful transmutations from the medium to contribute tracks to the cassette compilation. It’s tapes of tapes. Tape on tape. The sound of sound. Music as sculpture. Prerecorded and magnetic. Get two so you’ll have one to manipulate yourself.

Featured Artists:
Aki Onda
Bonnie Jones
Jason Lescaleet

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