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Tredici Bacci - La Fine Del Futuro

Tredici Bacci - La Fine Del Futuro

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NNA Tapes is ecstatic to present ‘La Fine Del Futuro,’ the brand new full-length album from the dynamic orchestral pop ensemble Tredici Bacci, directed by maniacal composer, arranger, musician and bandleader Simon Hanes. Since their NNA debut EP ‘The Thirteen Kisses Cassetta’ in 2014, up through the monumental 2016 long-player ‘Amore Per Tutti,’ we have witnessed Tredici Bacci grow from a musical homage to an obsession (60s/70s Italian soundtrack music), into the fully mature and one-of-a-kind band that it is today. ‘La Fine Del Futuro’ continues to refine Hanes’ eclectic vision of orchestral splendor, presenting eleven new tracks of original compositions, reimagined classics, and collaborative arrangements that prove to listeners that the timeless formula of pen, sheet music, and talented musicianship can not only withstand the test of time, but can also detach itself from the stodgy pretension of academia, creating a universally fun and exciting music for anyone to enjoy.

Through diligent practice and dedication, the poignant connection between Hanes’ orchestration chops and the band’s instrumental mastery has developed to the point that they can handle any task, whether its complex musical structures, long-form conducted improvisations, or cover songs hidden within original music. Songs like “In The 1970s,” “Barbarians,” and “Felicity Grows” showcase a powerful new Bacharach-fueled direction, with classic pop essences that would fit comfortably on the hi-fi, the stage, or the silver screen. Instrumental suites such as “Titoli Di Testa,” “Minimalissimo,” and “Ambulette” radiate with cinematic brilliance, each brimming with vibrant horns, playful organ, and illustrious strings that create a tremendous depth of sound - from the lush, tender moments up through the driving, “amped up Fellini” tempos that have become Tredici Bacci’s staple. Vocalist Sami Stevens shines throughout “La Fine Del Futuro” as the album’s main character, demonstrating her voice’s mesmerizing ability to span a multitude of styles - everything from opera, pop, lounge, jazz, folk, and soul are touched upon through her powerful vocals, fitting perfectly into any musical scenario she is placed in. The spirit of collaboration lives on through tracks like “Emmanuelle,” a deranged, gun-slinging take on a yuletide classic featuring JG Thirlwell, as well as on Hanes’ arrangement of “The Cavalry,” the lead single from Ryan Power’s recent NNA masterwork ‘They Sell Doomsday,’ with Power himself on vocal duties, accompanied by Sami Stevens’ gorgeous harmonies.

It is often times hard to comprehend the dizzying orchestrations that Hanes is able to concoct for such a massive band - 20 pieces on this album to be exact - the biggest incarnation of the band yet. However, Tredici Bacci pulls it off with grace and finesse, with Hanes’ arranging and composing talents capturing moods, cinematic nostalgia, and stylistic execution that few composers his age are able to pull off. To think that an eccentric millennial can produce such a diverse and intricate body of work is impressive, and frankly, out of the norm. Tredici Bacci are not afraid to be playful and embrace humor, a trait that makes them unique in the oh-so-serious corridors of classical music, and feels particularly important in a time where image, attitude, and trend often seem to take importance over quality in today’s mainstream. It can be said with utmost confidence that there is no band active today that sounds quite like Tredici Bacci - a feat in itself during an age where all of music history is instantly accessible, and technologically employable by the electronically-inclined masses. The band proudly wears their influences on their sleeves as they continue to comb through music’s past in search of ideas and inspirations, but at the same time always looking forward - growing, learning, and adding new flavor to their personalized approach. In Simon’s own words: “Here’s what I’ve realized with crystal clarity - if you’re collaborating with the right people, working hard, staying focused and making sure to have fun, music can flow out of you like a fucking tidal wave!”

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