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Shilpa Ray - Paisley

Shilpa Ray - Paisley

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SIDE A: When Doves Cry

This was the track that got me. I was 4 years old when I heard this song. There was a story about him on the evening news and I told my mom I was gonna marry him. Why not? He looked like me. He had brown skin, black hair, big dark eyes and the longest lashes. Watching Purple Rain as an adult I was floored that I was allowed to watch it at all as a child. I didn’t remember it being so sexual. All my 4 year old self could absorb was that in the TV there was a world where you could get up on stage, wear glamorous clothes, and be surrounded by beautiful babes. I watched the older girls in my parent’s friend circle copping Appolonia’s style—big 80’s hair, purple shadow and bright red lips. She was a whole lot of woman, and Prince was the magic man from outer space. Those were good times. RIP

SIDE B: Where Evil Grows

Ever watch the video of this song on the Kenny Rogers show? It’s sublime. A wholesome white couple, seemingly Jesus loving hippies, singing a song about where evil grows. I first heard this track while working the door at Pianos this past winter. My friend, DJ Andy Haynes, a connoisseur of creepy music, was spinning that night and the lyrics to this grabbed me. “Evil grew. It’s part of you and now it seems to be that every time I look at you evil grows in me.” Like I said, really creepy.

“When Doves Cry” is a collaboration with soul singer Deva Mahal.
Jeff Berner of Psychic TV engineered the tracks.

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