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PHORK - Entertainment

PHORK - Entertainment

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Los Angeles-based producer Neal Reinalda offers us his latest "Entertainment", the anticipated follow-up to last year's "Discrepancies" cassette on NNA. With this full-length, the People's Higher Order further refines it's sound, bringing forward new ideas and flavors into American techno. PHORK succeeds in injecting a warmth and humanity into a dance music framework that is wholly original, keeping a global influence in it's sampling studies, while receiving guidance from the worlds of noise, hip-hop, ambient, and sound art. Reinalda's Baltimore roots shine through in his informed conceptual framework, holding a mirror to daydreams of post-consumerism and dark ecology. Mood and atmosphere are established through ultra-tight production and focused composition, pulsing with life even in the absence of rhythm. The result reaches new depths in contemporary electronic music, gaining power and magnitude through sonic texture, repetition, and the matrimony of inhuman and organic worlds. Systems are questioned, interconnectedness is examined, and yet still nothing is as it seems.

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