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PC Worship - Basement Hysteria

PC Worship - Basement Hysteria

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Basement Hysteria is a new EP by PC Worship that explores the space between alternative rock and improvised fluidity. The title refers to the physical space in which the band records / practices and the mental space achieved by spending long nights under the influence of sleep-deprived hysteria, splitting time between long days of work and cultivating material to perform as a 3 piece band on an upcoming European tour. It’s a bi-product of spending hours in a basement playing music with no specific aesthetic agenda and bridging long form, unraveling “jams” with song ideas that enlist concepts most commonly employed by traditional eastern music, derivations of punk & jam bands, such as malleable form, squealing guitars and linear composition. This EP consists of 4 long form songs, recorded live to tape and enhanced with minimal overdubs (typically derived from social happenstance as the influence for the compositional direction), such as bongos with a coworker, sax with a wedding band member and operatic vocals with a partner, to create the socially displaced illusion of solidarity as it relates to the confined individual obsession of creative output and the cultivation of Basement Hysteria.

“…frayed, pummeling avant-gardism…collaging decades of downtown New York dissonance while sludging into the future…” — Jenn Pelly, Pitchfork
“…hook laden Alternative Rock for the side door, millenial guitar solo enthusiast…” — Rolling Bones Magazine

Recorded during the Summer of 2015 at Kreephaus in Brooklyn, NY.
Performed in various ways by Justin Frye, Michael Etten, Shannon Sigley, Jordan Bernstein, Jessica Papitto, Boston Bongo Dan(iel Rineer) & Andrew Bernstein.
All songs written and recorded + “art” by Justin Frye.
Mixed and mastered by Jonathan Schenke.
Circuit bent pedals / electronics courtesy of Pat Spadine.

1. Done
2. My Lens
3. Social Fiction
4. Basement Hysteria

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