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Shuta Hasunuma - Oa

Shuta Hasunuma - Oa

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Artist statement:

‘Oa’ stands for "Old Address," which has two meanings. The first is that of my old address in Upper East Side of NYC. The song "454" refers to my apartment number, "BORO" to the "Queensboro Bridge" visible from my room, "LEX" to the nearby Lexington Avenue subway station, and "20150716" is the date of recording.

The other meaning of ‘Oa’ considers the history of Manhattan. I produced the sounds while imagining the Manhattan of old. There is a shift from the Manhattan that was once surrounded by nature, to a metropolis like the Manhattan of today. Through music, I tried to capture the meaning of "address" on a grand timeline.

As an artist, I create works that make use of human-object relationships. ‘Oa’ is a sound that derives from a very personal space, but I hope that it will provide an opportunity to imagine "places of old" through sound. I believe that this means we must think about the coming future that connects from the present.

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