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NYMPH - New Millennium Prayer

NYMPH - New Millennium Prayer

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This June, Brooklyn-based psychedelic free-rock outfit NYMPH emerges from a transmogrifying and highly regenerative chrysalis state to release its second album, the expansive and enveloping New Millennium Prayer on Northern Spy Records. Recorded by David Tolomei at DNA and mastered by Sarah Register of Talk Normal at The Lodge, New Millennium Prayer for the first time makes manifest NYMPH’s expanded 8-piece lineup in the long-playing format; the band’s monolithic compositional vision and augmented sonic palette is here presented in the classic cosmos-splashed Krautrock template: three long and deeply kosmiche pieces, with one side-encompassing mega-jam — the transcendent title track.
In the two-plus years since the release of their eponymous debut, the group has engendered severe and resonant changes. For one, it absorbed four members of Athens, GA’s nomadic freak-rock family Dark Meat into its ranks; while touring together, members of the psych-noise cabal would join NYMPH for spontaneous jams, and they soon began making stops off the road to record tracks for this new album. The beauty of the burgeoning partnership inspired the itinerant Georgians to settle in the city for good, thusly inspiring the former duo-plus-two of guitar-visionary Matty McDermott and vocalist Eri Shoji to consider new arrangements and invoke fresh textures, including a horn section with Aylerian proclivities, tape-delayed sound-settings, a shimmering jungle of percussion and a tendency to loosen structures a la their free-jazz and minimalist-compositional heroes.

Featured Artists:
Jim McHugh – Guitar, Drone
Matty McDermott – Guitar, Shaker
Jason Robira – Drum Kit
Jeff Tobias – Saxophone
Jess Stathos – Congas
Nickle Emmet – Bass
Eri Shoji – Vocals, Hand Percussion

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