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Justin Meyers - Albuterol Auteur

Justin Meyers - Albuterol Auteur

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"Albuterol Auteur" is the latest collection of synth pieces from Minneapolis-based sound and visual artist Justin Meyers. After multiple brilliant releases over the years, many of which on his own Tone Filth label, NNA is excited to bring forth these new works created and performed on Meyers' own home-built modular synthesizer system, the TF50. Working from the ground up, Meyers displays a natural talent in the pure manipulation of raw current and electricity to form deeply expressive and colorful environments of electronic sound. These minimal yet perpetually shifting compositions seem to be aqueous in structure, seamlessly drifting between tones and phases, carving out a unique melodic terrain along the way. The expedition is documented in immaculate fidelity, engrossing the listener in a distinctive warmth. An original voice in electronic music at the hands of highest caliber craftsmanship.


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