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Peter Manheim - In Time

Peter Manheim - In Time

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Peter Manheim thrives on collaboration. The New York-based drummer has spent most of his career as a sideman, backing up many jazz artists like Tony Glausi as well as being a member of the acclaimed International Anthem-signed experimental group Resavoir led by trumpeter Will Miller. But on his solo debut, an EP called 'In Time', Manheim steps out on his own as a songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist all while bringing his most trusted collaborators into the fold to flesh out his deep, lush, and mesmerizing vision. Across six instrumental tracks, he traverses disparate moods, as well as harsh and welcoming textures, combining solo-centric jazz playing with glitchy and enveloping electronic arrangements.

'In Time' began in 2020 as an experiment for Manheim to attempt to write music that would make him want to dance. One of the earliest ideas that came from this personal goal is the opener “Peace Groove.” Inspired by playing artist Elliot Bergman’s “peace bells,” melted-down guns and bullets turned into instruments, Manheim started out with a percussion groove, adding synth, and live drums. While he loved creating loops and putting in new layers in isolation, he realized this music would benefit from bringing in other people. “I wanted to showcase my friends’ playing,” Manheim says. “I’ve gotten to work with and know so many incredible people who happen to be some of my favorite musicians. I wanted to show the world what makes them so great on this record. ” The resulting track is a hypnotizing, breezy, and rhythmically dense jam featuring saxophonist Tim Bennett, flute player Alex Cummings, and bassist Dan Stein.

While Manheim is primarily known for his work as a jazz drummer, this EP showcases his globe-trotting tastes: everything from J-Dilla-inspired beat-making, all types of Brazilian music, and Chicago footwork is translated into something wholly original and immersive. The searching and smooth “A Lonely Road” is anchored by Whitney and Resavoir trumpeter Will Miller, “Faded” ventures out in rock territory with a blistering solo from guitarist Conrad Reeves, and “Lost Dayz” features solely Manheim’s tasteful drum programming and synth playing. In Time was mixed by Manheim and Dan Pierson and its six tracks feature a wealth of collaborators. Even with the freewheeling and collaborative arrangements, everything here feels intentional and tasteful.

Like the EP itself, the title 'In Time' reveals new meaning the more you dive in. It’s a sly nod to the patience required for an accomplished player to finally make their own music under their name as well as the spark that always eventually comes from working with friends. 'In Time' is a document of a virtuosic drummer taking a leap and reinventing himself as an absorbing and adventurous songwriter.
released April 7, 2023

Produced by Peter Manheim
Mixed by Dan Pierson and Peter Manheim
Mastered by Dave Cooley
Artwork by Rich Stein

1. Peace Groove:

Peter Manheim - Percussion, Drums, Keys
Tim Bennett - Alto Saxophone
Alex Cummings - Flutes
Dan Stein - Bass

2. A Lonely Road:

Peter Manheim - Percussion, Drums, Keys
Will Miller - Trumpets, Keys
Alex Cummings - Flutes, Hulusi
Dan Pierson - Keys
T@NE - Tenor Saxophone
Dan Stein - Bass

3. The Gate:

Peter Manheim - Drum Programming, Percussion, Keys
De'Sean Jones - Saxophones, Flutes

4. Lost Dayz

Peter Manheim - Drum Programming, Keys

5. In Time

Peter Manheim - Keys, Percussion, Claps
Mamadou Fantastic (Modou Sarr Mbengue) - Talking Drums, Claps
Eric Burns - Guitar
Dan Pierson - Synth Organ

6. Faded

Peter Manheim - Drum Programming, Percussion, Drums, Keys
Conrad Reeves - Guitar
Dan Pierson - Keys
Alex Cummings - Saxophones
Dan Stein - Bass

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