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Hubble - Hubble Drums

Hubble - Hubble Drums

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Planned since Hubble’s first live performance in September of 2010, Hubble Drums is an inspired record of new guitar music. Equal parts shred-fi, cyber-dread and fried psychedelia, Hubble Drums marks Ben Greenberg (of Zs and The Men)’s first full-length recording and debut for Northern Spy. Recorded at Python Patrol and lovingly mastered at Bonati Mastering, the CD and 150g LP features original artwork by Michael Yaniro and Ben Greenberg.

“Hubble’s Hubble” serves as the soundtrack for a video of NASA sanctioned cosmic imagery captured by the actual Hubble Telescope. Possibly the most minimal track, Ben produces sheets of sound that circle through 3 channels, panning left to center to right, creating an aural environment that reflects the space and movement of deep space. “Nude Ghost” is based off the first tapping riff that Ben wrote when creating music for solo guitar. The glacially emerging beat mixed into the track came from two days of hazed studio jamming with Joe Williams (White Williams), Jon Leland (Janka Nabay, Skeletons) and Matt Papich (Ecstatic Sunshine). ”Glass Napkin” highlights Ben’s mastery of both guitar tone and hypnotic rhythmic patterns, as well as his energetic patience in the face of a void of his own devising.

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