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SUSS - High Line

SUSS - High Line

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High Line represents a new path into the high country for the NYC ambient country quintet known as SUSS. The follow-up release to their acclaimed album Ghost Box (Expanded) on Northern Spy Records, High Line explores the horizon line where the cosmic meets the landscape of the American West. Drawing on influences such as Ry Cooder and Bruce Langhorne while forging new paths alongside fellow travelers like Daniel Lanois and Boards of Canada, SUSS uses a combination of acoustic guitars, pedal steel, harmonica, mandolin and synthesized sound manipulation to take the listener on a blissful and mythic trip into the unknown.

“...a vivid landscape where mellifluous tones foster the mystery and magic of a fabled landscape.” - Allison Hussey, Pitchfork

"...a creature unlike any other, where slide guitars and tremolo-heavy string pluckings paint a picture of a desert horizon facing a gorgeous sunset." - Evan Sawdey, PopMatters

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