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PC Worship - Future Phase

PC Worship - Future Phase

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Future Phase is a collection of new music recorded throughout 2018 by Justin Frye, with contributions from Jess Paps and Mike Etten. The material is mostly unrelated and aesthetically diverse and was compiled as a mixtape to release in tandem with Issue 60 of Monster Children Magazine, which also features cover art and other visual contributions by Justin Frye.

Future Phase begins with “Tides II” a wordless, vocal-driven, instrumental track that weaves in and out of a saturated sonic environment created by a warped rock band instrumentation paired with homemade instruments, upright bass, fretless guitar, viola and tapes. As “Tides II” dissipates into a lonesome, fractured guitar solo, “Shell Shower” enters through a haze of tape loops into it’s drum machine centered pseudo-kraut trance, closing side A.

Side B opens with “Former Feedback”, a self-explanatory composition that melts into Future Phase’s namesake and first track with lyrics, driven by chorus-free prose vocals, tape echo and a pummeling monochord dirge that’s meant to evoke a meditative hypnosis. Side B continues with “C. Lawless / Melted Life, Long Decay”, two tracks in one; both improvised and layered experiments in process and texture that morph together and set the stage... more

All music written, recorded & performed by Justin Frye
Vocals on "Tides II" by Jess Paps
Lead guitar licks sprinkled throughout "Future Phase," & "C. Lawless / Melted Life, Long Decay," by Mike Etten

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