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Amirtha Kidambi Elder Ones - From Untruth

Amirtha Kidambi Elder Ones - From Untruth

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The second release by Amirtha Kidambi's ensemble Elder Ones, From Untruth is comprised of four pieces grappling with issues of power, oppression, capitalism, colonialism, white supremacy, violence and the shifting nature of truth. This music means to give the listener momentary relief from the anxiety and pain caused by living in our current reality.

From Untruth builds upon the bedrock foundation of Kidambi's previous compositional and conceptual work with Elder Ones, while forging uncharted territory. After a journey into wordless abstraction on Holy Science (Northern Spy, November 2016), Kidambi felt the urgency of the political moment required a direct and verbal call to action.

The instrumentation adds a layer of technology as a metaphor for modernity, with Kidambi on analog synthesizer and Max Jaffe's drumming talents extended to electronic Sensory Percussion. The frenzied improvising of Matt Nelson on soprano sax and gravity of Nick Dunston on bass, anchor the music in the tradition of free jazz, while it pushes into new futurist realms. The aesthetic seamlessly reels from modal meditation, atonal expressionism, free improvisation and melodic invention, to unabashed bursts of punk rock energy.

This is Elder Ones at an unadulterated breaking point; on the edge of a knife that cuts.

Amirtha Kidambi: Compositions, Vocals, Harmonium, Synthesizer
Matt Nelson: Soprano Saxophone, Moog
Nick Dunston: Bass
Max Jaffe: Drums, Electronic Sensory Percussion

Recorded at Birdwatcher Studios, Big Indian, NY
Engineer: Chris Weiss
Mixing and Mastering: Matt Mehlan

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