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Freddy Ruppert - Hangs a Shadow

Freddy Ruppert - Hangs a Shadow

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Following up 2012's "Wait" EP on NNA, we're proud to present "Hangs A Shadow", the debut full-length from Prague-via-Los Angeles musician Freddy Ruppert. These very personal recordings meditate on the loss of a loved one, and the inward struggle to retain honest memories of that person. Ruppert strives to convey through sound what words fall short of explaining; frustrations with mortality, the limitations of the human organism, and it's inevitable battle with it's own consciousness. Electro-acoustic and musique concréte influences are prevalent, harnessing the power of silence to bridge the emptiness between snippets of percussion, field & domestic recordings, raw electronics, and the manipulation of collected improvisations. A cinematic narrative emerges through immaculate processing, editing, and the poignant use of space to cut into the tension of intimacy. Human voice, jagged sine waves, the movement of furniture, and fateful tones are all juxtaposed against themselves, breathing intense life into the mundane through complex sound work.

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