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Deerhoof / Ceramic Dog - Split 7″

Deerhoof / Ceramic Dog - Split 7″

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A split 7″ deserves a split write-up. So, Northern Spy asked Deerhoof’s Greg Saunier and Ceramic Dog’s Marc Ribot to write something about this record. Turns out there’s some mutual respect here. It’d be weird if there wasn’t. This is a Record Store Day vinyl release and will only be available at fine music retailers.

“Deerhoof has been making singles where we give instrumental tracks from our records to singers we like. We have no idea what they’ll sing. On tour, we were having a post-show ice cream at Mashti Malones in LA and one of Marc Ribot’s records came on and we realized we have to get him to do one. Every Deerhoof member had already had their favorite from Ribot’s discography since before we ever met each other. Our connection was Ches Smith who was the singer in our favorite hardcore band but moonlighted as a fusion drummer. We toured with Ches/Shahzad/Ribot’s band Ceramic Dog and found their sense of humor to be unacceptable. Then i produced Ceramic Dog’s next record. and after that we sent Ribot the instrumental track for one of our songs and before long i had the single you are looking at except that i had to mix it first lest it sound unmixed. Long live Marc Ribot.” – Greg Saunier

“Ches was tight with the Deerhoof people from when he lived on the West Coast , and he and Shahzad turned me on to some of their CD’s. I thought – wow, these people are really crazy (plus they not only dig a lot of the same 70’s – 80’s no wave stuff I like, they’ve actually taken it several steps further). Then we did some W coast tour dates together – and it all turned out to be true: they were crazy and great. We dug it so much, we asked Greg to produce our last CD. Long live Deerhoof!” – Marc Ribot

SIDE A: Who Sleeps, Only Dreams (Deerhoof with special guest Marc Ribot)
SIDE B: Hide With Me (Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog)

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