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Colin Langenus - COL

Colin Langenus - COL

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Col is what people call musician Colin Langenus when they know him really well. COL is a 65 minute psychedelic concept record. COL is the 3rd and last part of a trilogy he started some 5 years ago. Along with Infinite Ease and Good God, these records were designed to showcase his mellower pop, jam band, yacht rock side. Now, COL takes it one step further. Colin has made this record for himself. It resembles some of his favorite records growing up like Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland, The Beatles’White Album, Beastie Boys’ Check Your Head, Ween’s Chocolate and Cheese, or Living Colour’s Times Up – records with multiple genres, real epic journeys, schizophrenic rides. From pop to country to noise to psych to oldies and even a little rapping, he does everything that makes up Col the man on COL the album.

Featured Artists:

Colin Langenus; Allie Klein; Wes Buckley; Max Hodes; Dave Kadden; Casey Glover; David Ramsden; Eli Winograd; Pete Vogl; Sebastian Paulson; Jesse Lent; Brendon Wood; Jonah Rapino; Daren Ho; Matt Mottel; Will Berney; Andy Puls; Dre Skull; David Whiteman; Greg Might; Jonny Corndawg; Kieren Lally; Jimmy Thomson; Greg Fox; Turner Williams; Alex Drewchin

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